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FAQ - Return Goods Procedure

Return goods policy covers goods return due to defect or damaged. Goods return by pick up center and country stockist will be covered by their respective return goods policy.

  1. Defective goods refers to products, whose characteristic has been changed from its original form. This may be physical changes or chemical changes due to change in temperature like over exposure to strong heat, humidity etc
  2. Damaged goods refers to products where packaging has been damaged during the transportation / delivery process.
  1. Walk in customer/member to fill up Product Complaint Form and hand over the document to the counter staff. A complaint number will be assigned for each complaint case.
  2. Member to provide details such like ID number, username, name, contact number and email address and also to return the defective / damaged product together with the original invoice.
  3. Counter staff to inspect and confirm the defective / damaged products and record the quantity and batch number of the product received.
  4. Member will be given a copy of Product Complaint Form for their reference, and replacement of damage product will be made once approval from management has been decided.
  5. Where investigation is necessary, a decision will be made by management within 7 working days.
  6. Once the management has made a decision, the counter staff will notify member the outcome via phone or email as per the Product Complaint Form.
  7. If replacement for the defective / damaged case is approved, member is to collect the new / replacement product from counter staff by producing his/her Identity Card and the photocopy of the Product Complaint Form. Authorisation Letter is required if a collection is done by a representative on behalf of the member.
  8. At the time of collecting replacement product, member is required to provide details as name, IC number, contact number and also sign in the form as acknowledge.
  9. If the case is rejected by management, counter staff will inform member via phone or email.
Goods sold are not returnable, refundable and exchangeable
  1. Self-collect - Member can collect their product from Bangi Office during Office Hours - Mon – Fri (10:00 – 17:30)
  2. Courier - We ship out all items by using Gdex courier service. - Member will receive tracking number thru SMS
  3. Time Frame - Self Collect – within 6 months - Courier – within 7 working days