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Business Collaboration


He is the CEO of Mibelle Biochemistry Switzerland which supplies the award winning, clinically researched active ingredient using an exclusive technique – PhytoCellTec™. Mibelle Biochemistry (Switzerland), designs and develops innovative, sustainable and high performing actives based on naturally derived compounds. Mibelle Biochemistry’s “Inspired by nature – Realized by science” motto guides its efforts at combining nature and science through a sustainable plant stem cell cultivation technique – PhytoCellTec™. Since its establishment 23 years ago, Dr. Zulli and his team of scientists have invented a large number of patent protected actives based on different and exclusive technologies.


Received Ph.D in Chemistry from Yale University in 2009 with Professors Robert H. Crabtree and Gary W. Brudvig, completed his postdoctoral studies with Professor Thomas J. Meyer at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and joined BNL in the fall of 2010 as Goldhaber Distinguished Fellow. Hull designs biologically inspired small molecules for artificial photosynthesis (clean energy storage and catalysis), atom-economic transformations (green chemistry) and the selective functionalization of hydrocarbons (catalysis).