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Phyto Science Sdn Bhd

Senior Management

Our executive team is made up of experience individuals committed to our mission of empowering the lives and well-being of our members, partners, customers, and our products are of the highest quality, scientifically proven & clinically researched products. This offers excellence business opportunity in lieu of our innovative marketing plan.

Co-founder cum Managing Director

Puan Sri Datin Sri Ela Tan is an icon in the MLM industry with more than two decades of experience in various leadership capacities. She co-founded Phyto Science Sdn Bhd in 2012 and the company’s phenomenal success cemented her legendary stature.

She is a caring yet result-orientated business professional with proven abilities in managing and transforming a homegrown consumer-oriented business into a global powerhouse by optimizing productivity, adopting industry best practices, incorporating new technologies and innovative ideas. As the brain and driver behind Phyto Science Sdn Bhd, she provides clear company vision and goals which resulted in a corporate performance surpassing all reasonable expectations.

In 2014, Puan Sri Datin Sri Ela Tan was awarded the ‘Asia Pacific Top Women Entrepreneurs award. In 2015 she was featured on the cover for Global Business Magazine (Tianxia) and in 2016 she made the list of Singapore’s Fast Moving Companies by SME100 with Trendmaker Pte Ltd.

In 2022, Puan Sri Datin Sri Ela Tan was recognized by British Publishing House Ltd as “Successful People in Malaysia” based on outstanding performance. For that, she was listed in the Britishpedia biography in 2022. In 2022, she was also recognized by the Malaysian Chinese Women Entrepreneurs Association and awarded MCWEA Women of Excellence Awards 2022. Pn Sri Datin Sri Ela Tan also received the award for ASEAN Chinese Book of Records and Awards 2022 for ASEAN Chinese Eminent Person Award (Beauty And Wellness) & ASEAN Chinese Enterprise Excellence Award (Beauty And Wellness).


Chief Executive Officer

Welcome to Phyto Science.

Established since 6-9-2012, a new dimension company with the latest technology & Innovative hybrid compensation plan.

Our innovative plan is made possible through the synergy effect of my 15 years of network marketing experience.

Phyto Science presence in the local market & has expanded to more than 41 countries in the international markets. We will continue to expand to many more countries in the near future.

We always look forward to provide high quality products to our customers to ensure effectiveness & with great results. This has been proven many times of its goodness through their testimonies.

To be able to compete with other new companies, we strive to improve our compensation plan to ensure thats our leaders makes good income & continue to expand their business to the next level.

Support system with Zoom meeting to provide Leadership Training & Business Presentation to expand our networks around the world.

Our Motto :

To provide a platform for everyone to become healthier & wealthier to leave a Legacy to pass down to the next Generation.

My Vision & Mission for 2025 is to build over 100 Countries & create 100 Crown Presidents in our organisation.


Legal Advisor

Chong Kur Sen graduated from the University of Malaya in 2001 with honors in her LLB degree. She is the founder and managing partner of M/s Kur Sen Chong & Co. (a legal firm in KL established since 2011).

Area of professions: Negotiation and drafting of S&P, loan agreements, commercial & corporate dealings, all land dealings, distress order, eviction or repossession of property, family disputes including divorce matters.

She is also a legal trainer for OCBC Bank, PBB Bank and legal advisor for MMCOA, MIPEAC and other private corporation.